Bruno Pedro

Found at “Building for the 99% Developers | Future” on 2022-02-17 10:07:07.

Accepting that your APIs are unlikely to converge on GraphQL will lead you to invest in more sustainable, multi-API protocol tooling. Recognizing that your org is probably not going to convert all of its legacy monolith to microservices will allow you to invest in tooling that does not neglect monitoring and debugging code in either the monolith or the microservices.

On the builder side, it’s conventional wisdom that you go hard after homogeneity for the “land” and embrace heterogeneity for the “expand.” Whether you plan for heterogeneity will greatly impact how quickly you can expand. Certain kinds of developer tools need to be custom-built for each new language or framework. For instance, a tool that provides insights only for GraphQL APIs may not easily expand to other kinds of APIs, especially because GraphQL contains more rich information than do REST or gRPC.