Bruno Pedro

Found at “How to choose HTTP or gRPC for your next API | Postman Blog” on 2023-06-01 22:47:18 +02:00.

As an API producer, you have a lot of choices. Postman’s API-first REST APIs are well known for connecting applications and microservices on the internet. REST follows HTTP standards and offers universal support, and is an easier development decision for many teams. While its data transfer is generally larger and its reliance on HTTP 1.1 generates more data transfer to establish connections between requests, its data transfer is easily viewable and readable by developers for software development and debugging purposes.

gRPC’s architectural style is an excellent choice for working across multi-language applications and microservices. Its ability to stream content bidirectionally makes it an efficient choice for systems that require heavier communication loads than single request/response cycles. Its binary data format is far more efficient than RESTful text transfers, and the use of HTTP 2.0 decreases its need to reestablish connections to servers.